Standard Fasteners


A headed and externally threaded mechanical device designed for insertion through holes in assembled parts to mate with a nut and is normally intended to be tightened or released by turning that nut.

(A) Hexagon Bolts

  • Hexagon Bolt
  • Hexagon Flange Bolt
  • Hexagon Shoulder Bolt

(B) Bent Bolts

A rod with one side threaded or both side threaded is bent into relevant shape to form a bent bolt. The function of bent bolt is to hold across a round or flat metal.

  • U-Bolt
  • Square U-Bolt
  • J-Bolt/Hook
  • Square J-Bolt/Hook
  • Eye Bolt

(C) Others

  • Carriage Bolt
  • Coupling Bolt
  • Step Bolt
  • Belting Bolt
  • Wing Bolt
  • Flat Square Neck Bolt
  • Flat Head Bolt
  • Track Bolt
  • Fender Bolt
  • Elevator Bolt
  • Elevator Bucket Bolt

Materials : Mild Steel, High Tensile Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
Threads : Metric Coarse, UNC, UNF, BSW


Standard Fasteners

Tailor-Made Fasteners